Galaxy Adventure Girl

I have never, EVER, seen pictures of the horses for this toyline except for the ad by Sun Gold Mfg. pictured below. If you have any other information or useful pictures of these mysterious figures, please let me know! The back of the card is the same for each doll and offers a brief description of each character, which I’ve provided below.

The most intelligent of the female warriors who possesses magical powers. Ventura was elected as the leader of all “good” warriors to help them defeat evil forces.

She is beautiful and intelligent but the weaker of the good warriors.

The strongest of all good warriors. Supra possesses super strength which enables her to overcome many obstacles.

The most evil of all warriors. She can use her magical powers to force warriors to fight for her.

She was once the friend of Ventura but now is under the magical spell of Werra.

Is very strong but does not possess any magical powers because of this she is afraid of Werra and carries out all of Werra’s wishes.


There are also some variants to this line… Some of them have rooted hair! 🙂