Royal Swift Wind

Gleaming golden saddle armor!
Mighty “flying” unicorn carries She-Ra to adventure!

When all is well, I’m Spirit, loyal horse of Princess Adora. When danger threatens, I’m Royal Swift Wind, the magnificent “flying” unicorn of She-Ra.

I am Royal Swift Wind, the only winged unicorn in the kingdom of Etheria. Together, She-Ra and I soar among the clouds! Whether we’re jumping rainbows or racing with the wind, I’m always on the look-out for trouble. “Up, up and away!” With my golden wings and armor saddle, Catra doesn’t stand a chance! “Where to now, She-Ra?”

Comb his silky soft mane and tail!

Unicorn comes with:
• saddle • wings • brush • saddle armor • unicorn mask with reins and instructions