Special Friend

Bow ™ Special friend of She-Ra™!

Push button on back…his heart “beats” for She-Ra™!

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Bow’s figure is made from hard plastic. He is the only figure with no rooted hair. His paint colors are gold, red, and blue. His special feature is that his heart will beat by pressing a button on his back.

Bow’s headband is a simple gold elastic band, sewn together in the back.

Bow’s cape is made from a red fabric. One side of the cape is sparkly. The top of the cape is made from fabric covered with prism stickers sewn in place. The gold elastic band is also sewn in. There is a small button clasp to finish it off.

Bow’s breastplate is made of hard plastic. It snaps firmly onto his chest.

Bow’s bow is made from hard plastic and can be fitted into the figure’s hand. Unfortunately, it cannot actually shoot any arrows!

Bow’s quiver is made of hard plastic and includes a thin handle. It also has a gold elastic band to help the figure wear the quiver on his back. Sadly, none of the arrows are removable.

The front of Bow’s card is covered with a clear plastic blister packaging showcasing the figure inside. You can just see the minicomic peeking from behind him. Beautiful artwork behind shows She-Ra riding her faithful steed, Swift Wind.

The back of Bow’s card showcases his figure’s feature. It also displays the other Series 1 toys available to buy. It is made of sturdy cardboard.