Princess of Power

Princess Adora™ becomes She-Ra,™ most powerful woman in the universe!

Beautiful Princess Adora™ becomes She-ra™!

I live in Crystal Castle™ in the magical land of Etheria.™ When all is well, my friends know me as Adora.™ But when trouble threatens, I secretly become She-Ra, the most powerful woman in the universe!

Put on cape. Turn crown around to become a helmet. She’s She-Ra™! Action waist!

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She-Ra’s figure is made of a hard plastic. Her head is sometimes a hard plastic and other times is softer. Her blonde hair is rooted and styled in a simple ponytail. Her paint colors are white and gold, and she has a clear diamond jewel in her bodice.

She-Ra’s helmet is made of hard plastic and has two prism stickers. The headdress is made to flip upside down, with the holes over her eyes to work like a mask to protect her identity while she is She-Ra.

She-Ra’s cape is made from an iridescent red fabric with white translucent ‘collar wings’. There is a gold elastic band sewn in so the figure can wear it.

She-Ra’s skirt is made from a white translucent fabric with a gold canvas-like fabric to which a prism sticker is sewn. There is a snap sewn on the back to secure the skirt.

She-Ra’s sword is made from a hard plastic. There is a clear diamond jewel in the guard just above the grip.

She-Ra’s shield is made from a hard plastic. The round centerpiece of the design is a separate piece that fits through the shield and is clip-shaped on the back, so it can be worn on either arm. This feature offers some articulation.

She-Ra came packaged with the minicomic ‘The Story of She-Ra’. In this story, Adora finds her alternate identity of She-Ra.

The front of She-Ra’s card is covered with a clear plastic blister packaging showcasing the figure inside. You can just see the minicomic peeking from behind her. Beautiful artwork behind shows She-Ra riding her faithful steed, Swift Wind.

The back of She-Ra’s card showcases her figure’s features. It also displays the other Series 1 toys available to buy. It is made of sturdy cardboard.