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Welcome to The Ultimate She-Ra Guide – the place for information on your favourite characters, locations, and episodes from Filmation’s She-Ra Princess of Power series.

A spin-off from He-Man and the Masters of the Universe and sister-show to Mattel’s Princess of Power toy line, She-Ra comprised a total of 93 22-minute episodes and introduced us to the Great Rebellion and the Evil Horde; the former fighting for peace in the magical world of Etheria and the latter fighting to keep that peace from Etheria’s people.

As time has passed, She-Ra has proven herself to be one of the most iconic female superheroes of all time, with the series still being enjoyed by millions of viewers around the world – both old and new.

I hope this website will grow to become one of the biggest, best and most comprehensive She-Ra resources on the internet. I would like to thank and pay tribute to the owners of He-Man.Org, without whom I would never have rediscovered my love for this spectacular series.


The Great Rebellion

The Evil Horde


She-Ra Episode Guide


The images on this site were all, unless stated, taken from episodes in my personal collection. If you wish to use them for another site, please contact me in advance and place a link on your website to this one.

This site is in no way connected with Mattel, Dreamworks, Filmation or any of their subsidiaries. It is merely a fan-site to show my appreciation for a cartoon that has touched and inspired me over the years.

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