Fairies of Cottingley Glen

This toyline is gorgeous but didn’t get really popular for some reason. It’s too bad since they are so nicely made: from their stands with leaf-disguised comb and mirrors to their lovely hair and wings… ah well, they will have a place here!

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The Fairies of Cottingley Glen toys made their way onto shelves in 1997 and were made by Playmates. They were designed to go along with the movie Fairy Tale: A True Story, based on the girls who claimed they took pictures of real fairies in Cottingley Glen back in the 1917. In reality, their ‘fairies’ were just paper cut-outs… amazing that they managed to fool so many people for so long!

More about this story can be read here.

The toyline produced two collections: Fairy Collection, and Royal Fairy Collection. The Royal Fairies came with extra accessories and a more elaborate base. Both collections are equally stunning in my opinion.