Bubble Power She-Ra

The most powerful woman in the universe!

Blow into her Bubble Blower for flowing stream of bubbles!

I am Princess Adora, leader of the Rebellion. But, when special powers are needed, “For the honor of Grayskull, I am She-Ra!” And when Catra comes around squirting my friends with her Shower Squirter, I simply aim my Bubble Blower, letting loose a stream of bubbles to daze her and scare her away and cheer my friends up again!

Snap Bubble Blower onto right arm, inserting holder into hand opening. Fill bowl of the Blower with bubble solution to fill line. Blow over doll’s shoulder into Bubble Blower while turning wheel.

Doll comes with:
• skirt • cape • crown • sword • shield • Bubble Blower • bubble solution • comb • comic book

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