Featured Image cropped from the episodes “The Inspector” and “Portrait of Doom”

Netossa is voiced by Diane Pershing
First seen in the episode “When Whispering Woods Last Bloomed”

Netossa is the Great Rebellion’s highly-skilled captor and trapper.

Netossa, the only black female to have graced the series, originally arrived in Thaymore Village while on a spring holiday with Spinnerella.

Her debut appearance suggests that both women originate from a place where the Rebellion has no presence, as neither had heard of the group.

Because of this, Hordak was able to use Spinnerella’s ignorance to his advantage; he had Netossa taken prisoner and blamed the Rebels for her capture.

Caring only for the safety of her friend, Spinnerella helped the Horde enter Whispering Woods, in the vain hope that the villains would help ‘free’ Netossa from the Rebellion.

Spinnerella realised that she had been tricked after Netossa was rescued from the Fright Zone by She-Ra, and easily defeated the Horde.

Both women later joined the Great Rebellion. [78]

The bond between Netossa and Spinnerella seems to be strong – not only did Spinnerella jump at the opportunity to save her friend, Netossa also calls her ‘sister’ and reassured her that no hard feelings had been caused by attacking the Rebels.

Netossa’s power is one of skill and precision, as opposed to magic and mystery. She detaches the nets strapped to her back and hurls them at oncoming enemies, trapping the villains and rendering them helpless.

She captured Catra [91] and also a Horde Trooper – her expert aim demonstrated by throwing one particular net through the bars on a Fright Zone cell door to trap her aggressor! [78]

However, although Netossa’s job was to capture her enemies, it seems ironic that three out of her four appearances saw her as an easy target for the Horde, who easily managed to imprison her.

The Spinnerella-incident gave Netossa her first invite to the Fright Zone dungeons and, soon after, she was trapped in a freezing ice-block [87] and then in a magical painting! [88] Some people are just unlucky, I guess.

Cartoon Appearances: Netossa

Season One – Total: 00/65

Season Two – Total: 04/28

When Whispering Woods Last Bloomed
The Inspector
Portrait of Doom
Assault On The Hive