Featured Image taken from the episode “Out Of The Cocoon”

Flutterina is voiced by Erika Scheimer
First seen in the episode “Enchanted Castle”

Flutterina is a member of the Great Rebellion and is aided by powerful butterfly wings.

Flutterina is one of the few She-Ra characters to have been given an extensive origin.

She was originally a starving young slave from Sand Valley, one of the most remote regions of Etheria and one of the few seemingly unaffected by Horde rule. She-Ra came across the girl – then called Small One – after being captured and imprisoned by Baron Condore, a tyrant who wanted complete control of Sand Valley.

Small One came to free She-Ra, but was knocked unconscious by Condore’s Sun Ray.

Once free, the Princess of Power took her to Light Hope, who wrapped her in an enchanted cocoon, which gave her new life, a pair of butterfly wings and nifty new powers to boot. [68]

Flutterina may have moved away from Sand Valley after her transformation, though her home is unknown.

After her first battle, she journeyed to Castle Bright Moon with She-Ra and several episodes later – though she did not appear – a reference was made to her being nearby when Hordak attacked Angella’s home. [79]

We do know, however, that she does not reside in the Whispering Woods, as she herself revealed. [69]

When looking at Flutterina, especially when she was Small One, it does appear that she is younger than most Rebels – possibly even younger than Glimmer.

This theory can be backed up by her affection for Kevin, a young prince who had run away from his home in an early Season Two episode. [69]

As well as a brand new image, Flutterina received new-found strengths and abilities following her transformation. Being the human portrayal of a butterfly, her first ability to be demonstrated was the power of flight.

Do not underestimate Flutterina though, as her wings seem surprisingly strong – not only did they blow away a load of clouds to destroy an evil invention, but they were also able to support the weight of a fully-grown man! [68]

Flutterina could also summon a horde of small butterflies to do her bidding – though this was only shown once to disable a threatening Horde Trooper. [69]

She also has the blink-and-you’ll-miss-it talent of transforming into a tiny butterfly herself – another power showcased only once, but one which could have been useful for spying on the Horde, had it been utilised more regularly. [69]

Finally, Flutterina had herself an admirer – resident ladies’ man Bow.

Apparently not content with pursuing both She-Ra and Adora, Bow also took a shine to Flutterina. [68]

However, the brief attraction was never followed up, as Flutterina’s future appearances would be sparse at best.

Cartoon Appearances: Flutterina

Season One – Total: 01/65

Enchanted Castle

Season Two – Total: 04/28

Out Of The Cocoon
A Lesson In Love
Something Old, Something New
The Perils Of Peekablue