The Briefest Appearance In All Etheria

As far as cameo appearances go, the She-Ra Princess of Power series had many. Netossa’s appearance in Assault On The Hive is a good example, as is Vultak’s from Above It All. These both allowed their respective characters brief speaking roles, whereas silent and briefer-than-brief cameos graced the likes of Leech in
The Peril of Whispering Woods, Imp in He-Man and She-Ra: A Christmas Special
and Flutterina in the Season Two episode The Perils Of Peekablue.

However, out of all of the ones listed above, no sudden appearance can beat one that many seem to miss – and could be forgiven for doing so. The character Dylamug, never penned for release as a figure by Mattel first appeared in Duel at Devlan, a very early Season One episode. The character made no further appearances until the very late second season episode Shades Of Orko, as one of Shadow Weaver’s henchmen – or so it was thought. He did, in fact, leave his mark one more time on the series in an appearance that lasted a total of 48 frames or, to put it more directly, less than two seconds!

Existing at the very back of the screen in admittedly one of the rarest She-Ra episodes, Dylamug clearly was not part of the script to The Inspector, the episode fortunate enough to include The Briefest Appearance In All Etheria. He basically appears due to his part in Duel at Devlan, where he and a load of Horde Troopers attack a village on Glonders, vehicles designed especially for that episode. These vehicles would reappear in such forthcoming episodes as The WizardFriends Are Where You Find Them, and The Bibbet Story, but who would have thought that the director, Bill Nunes, would miss the fact that part of the stock footage taken from Duel at Devlan also featured a character clearly not intended
to appear!

Watch for yourself as:

  1. She-Ra gets ready to slice-and-dice a Glonder in typical stock-fashion.
  2. Dylamug makes that illusive appearance behind the oncoming vehicle.
  3. The machine is destroyed and Dylamug is left only to vanish as mysteriously as he appeared.