04 – Reunions

Written by Larry Ditillio
Directed by Marsh Lamore

Plot Outline

At the Whispering Woods, He-Man contacts the Sorceress who explains the history He-Man and She-Ra unknowingly share. They were twins born to King Randor and Queen Marlena of the planet Eternia, when they too were under the attack of the Horde. Hordak, realising Randor could not be beaten, stole Princess Adora as a reminder of his presence, leaving the Royal Family devastated. Adora and Adam journey back to Eternia and are both reunited with their parents after freeing Queen Angella from Hunga the Harpy, leader of the Harpies of Talon Mountain and therefore reuniting her with her daughter Glimmer. Meanwhile, Hordak too has arrived back on Eternia – and has crossed paths with his old pupil – Skeletor.

To be continued in Episode 5: Battle for Bright Moon