The Metamorphosis of Multi-Bot

Though Multi-Bot made a mere three appearances in the She-Ra series and was completely excluded from Season Two, writer Larry DiTillio gave him some decent material in the Season One episode Black Snow, which included the unveiling of his only power – to transform his body parts into different objects. This section showcases what a single fight-scene with She-Ra can do for a character – and certainly made this character a memorable, comic villain.


Before even introducing himself, Multi-Bot transforms into a powerful Bulldozer in an attempt to cover She-Ra in a pile of snow. This is the only transformation that uses a full body-change.


After the first change fails, Multi-Bot attempts to capture She-Ra by transforming his arms into cannons that fire seemingly endless lengths of rope.

Blue Head into Cannon

After being rebuffed by the rope-attempt, Multi-Bot uses a projectile that isn’t still attached to his body – a blast from a cannon, which replaces his blue head. Of course, he hadn’t reckoned with She-Ra’s sword…

Hands into Hammer and Axe

Goodness only knows what he was going to do with these; fortunately, we didn’t find out, but they were apparently to be used in conjunction with his next transformation.


Not a transformation as such, as these appeared out of nowhere on Multi-Bot’s four feet. Charging towards She-Ra, the outcome was inevitable…

The Result

A rather embarrassing debut battle for Multi-Bot, but need not fret – it’s what most of the Hordesmen face some time or other – humiliation at the hands of the Princess of Power. However, they don’t usually end up being broken to pieces after a drop-kick to the chest – ouch!