Madame Razz

Featured Image taken from the episode “The Locket”

Madame Razz is voiced by Melendy Britt
First seen in the episode “Into Etheria”

Madame Razz is the scatter-brained rebel witch, who is always willing to lend a helping hand.

Madame Razz is a very, very old magic-maker.

Whereas Orko from the He-Man series was simply a poor magician because of the contrasting makeup of his world and Eternia, his Etherian counterpart Razz fails because of a tendency to forget spells, which is attributed to her age.

In fact, the only person on Etheria we have met who is older than Madame is a nameless wizard who lives in a tree, stranded in the middle of the desert. [31]

Her true age is never stated, but we do discover that she once lived in Serenia, a beautiful and enchanted part of Etheria, 500-600 years prior to joining the Rebellion. [70]

However, they say that with age comes experience and Madame Razz bears no exception. Her knowledge of ancient Etherian legends and past events has been been invaluable to the rebels on several occasions.

She knows various powerful wizards from across the planet [47, 70], the effects of mysteriously lethal fruit [51] and even shows a particular wisdom on social issues [16, 66, 77] – most often to the benefit of Adora.

One would assume that such an old witch would have a lot of history to her. However, Madame is one of those characters whose past is never fully explored.

Aside from her life in Serenia, the closest she has to a backstory involves a romantic dalliance with Frit, another elderly character.

The two dated a while back, but when the Horde arrived on Etheria, Madame Razz could not rest until Etheria had been freed from their menace. Frit promised to wait for her, although their time apart showed clear strains on Madame’s patience. [30]

He waited for her, as she asked after a surprise reunion, and suddenly popped up again later on in the She-Ra series. [88]

On a side note, Madame also seemed to show a romantic interest in Swen, one of Sea Hawk’s mates [16], but this was never explored again after their first meeting.

Madame Razz, like Adora, Glimmer and Bow, is also a ‘wanted’ Rebel, as her having to go out in disguise suggests. [31]

Now a part of the Rebellion and living in a cottage within Whispering Woods [52, 70], Madame has befriended a flying broom, cunningly called Broom, who frequently makes digs at her age [02, 44] and corrects her spells. [20, 48]

The two seem to have known each other for a long time, but as Broom didn’t seem to know Frit, Madame’s love-interest, we are left to assume that the pair met after the Horde’s invasion of Etheria.

Making for a comical duo, not only do Madame and Broom bicker a lot, they also have trouble getting from place to place.

Having crashed into people, rocks and bushes when riding Broom, it would seem that Madame Razz’s attempts at navigation are not helped by Broom’s often disastrous flying. [22, 55, 78]

Her backfiring spells, less than appetizing meals [83] and, of course, her old age have all led Madame to assume that she is more of a liability than a help to the Rebellion. [20, 43]

However, as we see time and time again, the Rebels love Madame for being exactly what she is to them – a friend. And given her role as comic relief on the show, it seems fitting to mention that she once used her cleavage to save a precious locket for good keeping. [64] Because why wouldn’t you?

Cartoon Appearances: Madame Razz

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