Sweet Bee

Featured Image cropped from the episodes “Sweet Bee’s Home” and “Assault On The Hive”

Sweet Bee is voiced by Diane Pershing
First seen in the episode “Sweet Bee’s Home”

Sweet Bee is a scout for a race of Bee People, who later went on to join She-Ra in the Great Rebellion.

Sweet Bee is one of 10,000 Bee People who came looking to settle on Etheria. After their sun exploded into a supernova, she was sent as a scout from their ship – the Hive – to see if the planet was peaceful and had good sources of water. Hordak, however, captured Sweet Bee’s craft and tried to enslave her people, leaving He-Man and She-Ra to stop them. [85] When her race was later threatened by Skeletor, the Bee People agreed to join the Rebellion and to fight for their freedom, even though Skeletor did not pose any danger to Etheria itself. [91]

Being part of a race of bees – and like Flutterina – Sweet Bee’s most obvious skill is her ability to fly. However, she does not seem to be able to fly in space – perhaps because of the lack of oxygen, even though He-Man and She-Ra could – and so uses a one-person spacecraft to travel from the Hive to respective planets. Sweet Bee can also create honey-combed objects, such as ladders and nets, to aid her in sticky situations, which adds an additional uniqueness to the character. [85]

Sweet Bee made one of the most successful romantic catches of the series – that of She-Ra’s brother and “Number 1 Eligible Bachelor” He-Man.

Frosta didn’t take too kindly to He-Man’s sudden liking of another redhead – though you can hardly blame Sweet Bee. She herself had no idea that He-Man was so smitten, just as she had no clue that Frosta well and truly despised her for it! [85]

Cartoon Appearances: Sweet Bee

Season One – Total: 00/65

Season Two – Total: 02/28

Sweet Bee’s Home
Assault On The Hive